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C Sharp Programming Basics for Beginners

c# tutorialsYou are new to C# or can say a absolute beginner or may be you are seeking for an advance c sharp training, but it is very important to know about basic of any programming language before you shape career in it, the c sharp tutorial published here will give you insight knoweldge of how and by what factors c# programming is better,although every programming language has its own importance. Lets have a quick look

C# programming Provides easy access to the native windows service including networked objects,user interfaces and internet communication. Well to examine C# we need to classify the programming language from three different prospective. We can consider C# as an object oriented language, as intermediate level programming language and a .NET framework language.

Though superficially c++ and java and C# are all defined as general purpose object oriented language, all the three languages look alike because they use the same conventions, comment structures etc, and they exhibit many surface similarities. However there is something that makes C# different from the rest – it borrows keywords from C++ like inheritance, interfaces, constructors, public, private, protected modes of data hiding and also allows user defined attributes to be passed on to debugging and executable environment.

From Java C# borrows the simple syntax with strong runtime checking. The borrowing is just not restricted to syntax or the keywords but the common language runtime (CLR), the new executable environment for all Microsoft programming and scripting language that is very much similar to the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) idea production of intermediate code executable in a managed environment. Although it is not an interpreter like the JVM, it is very similar to it as it provides garbage collection, type validation , assignment checking and the like.

The CLR plays a role in the component’s development time, and runtime experiences. While the component is running, the run time is responsible for  managing memory allocation, starting upend killing threads and processes and enforcing security policies. The runtime makes the developer’s experience very simple, especially when compared to COM.

Thus C# gives us the best of both programming languages and thereby fully support inheritance. C#’s .NET Framework insures that enough information is included in the assemblies that allow inheritance and derivation of classes from one another.

Consider C# as intermediate level programming language :

Many of you C++ developers will appreciate that C# keeps most of the powerful features of c++ alive. Microsoft has therefore designed C# to fill in the gaps between VB and C++ making it possible for enterprise developers to write codes more easily then in C++ and that too without using overhead VB. Thus C# holds middle ground between C++ and VB.

Consider C# as .NET Programming Language :

While using C# you can mix code from various other programming languages without any hassles because all you will find are the .NET objects(instead of the conventional C++ and VB objects) and they are all connected. That means you can try to put together C#, VB,C++ and javascript orders all in a single project you will face no problems as the .NET framework will ensure that all pieces get along.

Code/Syntax Comparison :

So you can say that C++, Java and C# are superficially alike because they share almost the same conventions and structures. Below you will be able to point the similarities and difference between the three language(c sharp vs c++ vs java).

c sharp programming

Code in C++  :

#include <iostream.h>

int a;




count<<@ Welcome@ <<a<<@ times@ <<@ \n@;


Code in Java

class welcome{

public static void main(string[]args){

for{int a=1;a<=10;a++)

Syxtem.out.println(@ Welcome@+a+@ times@ );


Code in C#

using System;

class welcome


static void main()


for(int a=1; a<=10; a++)

Console.WriteLine(@ Welcome(0) times@ , a);



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