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How to turn of Word Prediction or Suggestion on Android Smartphone

I have been using Samsung Galaxy and HTC One X Android based Smartphone that run on Android Operating system, during initial days i found this “Predictive Text” or ” Dictionary Word Suggestions” thing on phone very appealing, but over the time i realize that, it annoys you, if you are not in habit of texting/typing in English language, what i meant to say is – if you use your local language on android smartphone while texting, the “predictive text” application will automatically try to replace the word with some similar words. It happened with me many time that when i try to talk in mix form i.e my own local language and English, the words replaced automatically. So what you want to write goes straight to the receiver with something that look like funny. On the same day i started searching for quick fix to turn off predictive. 

Although this is pretty easy and is fixed easily by most of the people, but for those who are still hurdling for the solution. So answer to “how to turn off word predication on android” is easy, just  follow these steps and you are done.

These settings are implemented on HTC One X running Ice Cream Sandwich OS, while those who are having any version of HTC phone with “HTC Sense” as input method the steps are pretty same.

Step 1 : Upon reaching to your home screen, click on the “Settings” to find other options as shown in the screen below.

turn off word suggestion htc one v

Screen : Home >> Settings

Step 2 : Click on Language & Keyboard under settings to get this screen.

htc one x turn off word suggestion

Step 3:  What we really want to do is available under ” HTC Sense Input”

turn off dictionary android phones

Step 4: Click on “Advance Settings” under screen “HTC Input Settings” Immediately followed by step number 2.

turn off word prediction htc one x

Step 5: Under Advance Settings, Uncheck the two options – ” Word Prediction” & “Word Compleition”  as shown on the above screen

After publishing this post we have received feedback from users who were successful in turning off the word prediction on htc one v, htc one s and htc sensation android smartphone.

This is what all you need to do for getting started with “how to turn off word prediction or dictionary suggestion on htc one x android phone”.

The similar steps are implacable for Samsung version of phones like - Samsung galaxy s3, Samsung galaxy duos running android OS. Do remember changing these settings you will no longer get any kind of suggestions on words from built in dictionary, neither it will automatically replace the wrong word entered through input keyboard.

At any point of time, if you feel you need these settings, then follow the same steps and check on the ” Word Prediction” and ” Word Completion” as shown in the last screen of step no.5

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